17 September 2014

Saint Petroc's Monastery in Hobart was closed in 2012. For more information see A Short History of Saint Petroc Monastery, Tasmania.

Fr Michael is now part of the Saint Bride Hermitage (ROCOR in Scotland). He still maintains the largest and most comprehensive Western Rite site on the internet at Orthodox Western Rite  and co-authors the The Green Olive Tree blog.

 Holy Father Petroc, pray to God for us!

St Petroc was a famous Orthodox Abbot, born c.490 in Wales, who became a monk and counted amongst his disciples Saint Coemgen (the patron saint of Dublin). He travelled to Cornwall and set up his abbey at Padstow (derived from his name, 'stow' means 'holy place') where he remained as Abbot for thirty years.He eventually left and set up a hermitage near Rough Tor on Bodmin Moor. Saint Petroc reposed in the Lord in 564AD. Associated with him in the monastic life were Saint Croidan, Saint Dagan and Saint Medan.

His feast day is the 17th of June.


Edited by margaret smythe on the Feast of the Translation of St Cuthberg, Bishop of Lindisfarne, 4th/17th September 2014.

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